The Apartments we renting out are all located in the centre of the old village and not more than 20 -150 passes away from the beautiful en quiet beach. When on your way to the little baker on the main square, do not forget to pass the fishermen slip and have a look at the catch of the day. Enjoy a glass of sangria in the afternoon with Dieter at Miramar or a good glass of wine at Aqua na Boca, Paulo the owner must have wine streaming through his vaines judging from his devotion to the Portuguese wines. On the main square Bertrand is running his Bistro Central, have a cocktail at the outside bar before you enjoy the international cuisine of his German chef. Next place is Corsario with Dona Rosa in the kitchen preparing delicious Portuguese food, the rest of the family being so kind that you want to return every day ,the crab and rabbit is famous over the whole Algarve.


Get a good book and an Ipod and spend a quiet afternoon on the beach away from daily worries of life. Visit the beautiful city of Lagos with the small streets, old buildings, numerous restaurants and the busy marina. Use your hands and have a shrimp and chicken lunch at Ingrina beach, the little bay about 12 km's to the west. If you would like to play a round of Golf at Parque de Floresta 3 km away, please let us know as we have a ladies and gentlemen set available. Just enjoy your holiday!

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